Elsie was almost giddy as she unzipped her gym bag and delved inside for her towel. She rocked back in the tight cubical, no longer frustrated by its mean dimensions, and rested against it's cold plastic shell. How ironic a lady of her proportions picking up a man in a swimming pool, the very place where all her sins were on display. Her fingers teased the straps of her costume as she readied herself for the reunion in the foyer of the pool. Springing to action she reached up to pull off her compulsory swimming cap, then froze. Hell! Really? A small yelp slipped out of her left nostril. She hastily drew in a breath to control this flood of anxiety, as last nights rash tailoring of her fringe flashed before her eyes. She glanced up at the ribbed ceiling spanning all the cubicals, if only her scissor action had been quite as linear. She recounted the scraggy edge she had calved and how it framed her head so violently.  A less jubilant Elsie slid off her swimming costume, her head whirring beneath the prime blue swimming cap.

found - caps for girls

Martin corrected his cock before abandoning his trunks, it always sat a little dinky after activity but he didn't foresee it's involvement in today's proceedings. A simple number exchange and maybe a coffee with his new found companion was as much as he could hope for. Slowly rotating a coarse towel over his chest Martin recounted the image of Elsie. She was a large lady, well proportioned for a man of his bulk, but her eyes, although for the better part avoided contact, were so pearly that with any prolonged attention could single handedly pad out his trunks. Martin flung his towel excitedly onto the over used carrier bag perched on the changing room bench. He then puffed out his chest and with one finger lodged  under his swimming cap hastily halted. She knew of his bulk but not his baldness! Heavens his monk like edging had all too often been a turn off for many a prospect. Worried, Martin dropped heavily down next to the plastic bag and brittle towel.

The foyer was quiet as the pool lights flickered off through the large viewing window. Reluctantly the female changing room door opened and Elsie, wearing a whippy styled towel about her head stepped forward. Martin's eyes from under his scooter helmut met with hers and in an instant he rose from a nest of seats and hastily presented her with his number scribbled out on the reverse of his pool ticket. Elsie returned the favour offering hers, prepared on a tatty but unused tissue. The couple took each others offering and then made for the exit not a word spoken.